How HKBN Helps Jebsen & Co. Ltd on Managing Their AWS Services

The Challenge

A healthy e-commerce business highly depends upon its website uptime, even a small amount of downtime can translate into direct loss of sales. Downtime can also bring a negative impact on organic search results, Google Ads, Facebook, TV and other marketing programs.  

 Another challenge was that Jebsen needed to  move their website to a new domain without losing the site’s existing structure, and with a new backend configuration.


This required different system tiers in order to maintain both end user experience and integration with different marketplaces. And as they have adopted AWS, it was necessary for the Jebsen team to acquire skills and knowledge to migrate and manage their complex stack to the Cloud.  


Customer: Jebsen & Co. Ltd
Project Timeline: Production in April 2019


About Customer

From a shipping agency established at the end of 19th century, Jebsen Group has evolved into a marketing, distribution and investment organisation, deeply embedded in the industries and markets it serves.

It keeps pace with the rapidly changing business landscape and consumer lifestyles in Greater China, leveraging its long established presence, local knowledge and industry specialisation to offer unique value to companies around the world - enabling targeted and effective market access in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.  

The Jebsen Group is known for representing quality products, services, investments and solutions across the Beverage, Consumer, Industrial, Motors, Logistics and Jebsen Capital.


Why HKBNES and Solutions

By leveraging HKBN Cloud Enablement Services, Jebsen’s IT professionals were managed to migrate all of Jebsen’s WebApps. HKBNES also worked closely with the Jebsen team to develop a deep understanding of the stack and, in particular, the synergy between the application and the underlying physical resources. After successfully analyzing the environmental requirements and potential points of failure, HKBNES cloud architects came up with a complete redesign of the infrastructure, which was well-tailored to the AWS.

Apart from that, the team also provided 24 x 7 AWS Managed Services to help Jebsen run their IT support tiers on Cloud. HKBNES not only monitored and controlled usage and utilization, but also continuously optimize Jebsen’s cloud footprint. This includes resizing resources and purchasing EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs) to meet the performance and demand as well as predefined budgets.


The Benefits
- Cloud strategy aligned with business strategy
- Improved estimates on timeline, cost, and resources with integrated project plan and articulated critical path
- Additional 30% costs savings by leveraging RI

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