Tatler Asia Reduced Monthly Operating Costs by 40% via HKBNES’ Next-Gen AWS Managed Services


The Challenge

The Tatler online magazine is one of Tatler Asia’s most popular websites with over 4.6 million visitors across China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. The site enables users to share photos and comments through their free subscription accounts.. The massive volume of content and passionate readers’ interests often create overwhelming traffic on the first week when the latest issue published online. During this peak period, either the website loading time was extended or service was disrupted, which created unsatisfactory reader experience.


Services: 8 x 5 AWS Managed Services
Service Start Date: September 2019


About Customer

Tatler Asia is a leading media company known for producing a diverse portfolio of premium print and digital brands throughout the region. Setting the standard for engaging content and extraordinary event experiences, the company’s award-winning brands include Asia Tatler, Asia Tatler Homes, Weddings, Traveler, Society and Best Restaurants.

The company set up its Custom Media division in 2010 to leverage its unparalleled expertise in developing branded content, launching magazines and websites, offering content marketing services and producing bespoke events, videos and photo shoots for local, regional and international brands.

Why Amazon Web Services and Solutions

Tatler Asia chose to adopt Amazon Web Services (AWS) because of its platform maturity and exceptional API tools for managing and monitoring the environment. HKBNES designed and supported the migration of its image hosting and distribution infrastructure from a physical collocation facility in Hong Kong to Amazon EC2. To keep up with its continuously growing content and readership, Tatler Asia also adopted Amazon S3 as a scalable image object storage for the publication’s close to 2TB of data.

To bring a highly available and scalable web hosting architecture, Tatler Asia used Amazon CloudFront for static content delivery. This enabled readers across the region to enjoy the best possible content delivery performance by allowing website requests to be automatically routed to the nearest edge location. HKBNES offered the best practices of AWS Managed Services by proactively supporting Tatler’s billing management, configuration and identity management. To maintain the best performance, HKBNES also arranged quarterly review with Tatler Asia.

“By leveraging HKBNES’ Next-Gen AWS Managed Services, we can focus on our product because the day-to-day best practices are in the hands of a skillful team.” said Ernest Lui, Engineer, Tatler Asia.

The Benefits

  • Reduced monthly operating costs by 40% via infrastructure redesign
  • Identified additional 30% costs savings if operational recommendations are implemented
  • Reduced downtime by 38% via highly available and scalable web hosting architecture


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