VSOLOOP Host Scalable CRM platform on AWS



The Challenge

To support elder care professionals efficiently, VSOLOOP has rolled out a CRM platform that provides email marketing, customer relationship management, campaign reporting and business consulting services. And as the user base is growing at a fast pace, the company needs a stable and rapidly scalable solution to host the platform.


Project Timeline: Production in September 2019

About Customer
VSOLOOP is a digital marketing agency based in Hong Kong. The company specifies in Digital Strategy, Technologies, Web Development and UX Design. It delivers personal, passionate and customized digital solutions that drive traffic, increase sales and strengthen customer stickiness across multi-channels.  VSOLOOP also partnered with a local university to develop a CRM system for elder care business.

Why HKBNES and Solutions
HKBNES has developed a documentation for VSOLOOP’s development team so that the team can have a standardized format to ride on. The format can apply to testing development, UAT and production environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  And by using AWS Lambda with Amazon EC2, the running cost for testing and development on application development has been reduced. All in all, VSOLOOP has successfully deployed a highly available architecture on AWS.


The Benefits

  • Reduced monthly operating costs by 30% via infrastructure redesign
  • Identified additional 25% costs savings if operational recommendations are implemented
  • Raised staff awareness of AWS’ capabilities and increased their comfort with cloud structure



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