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明報 – 覷準人才需求與美國合作 雲端「特訓平台」3個月取專業認證

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【明報專訊】智能裝置改變了工作形態,智能手機或平板電腦上網便能隨時隨地工作,其中雲端科技在數碼轉型上的角色愈來愈重,香港的雲端科技人才需求料愈來愈大。雲端企業顧問公司ICG 3月伙拍美國Cloud Academy開設雲端技術培訓平台,學員最快可於3個月內取得專業級雲端技術認證。ICG行政總裁樓永強預期,培訓平台一年內可訓練出5000名雲端技術人才,應付市場需要。

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頭條日報 – 雲端培訓平台3個月獲5證書

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政府推動雲端平台、智慧城市、物聯網、大數據、人工智能及機器學習等發展,令本港科技專才需求大增,學習雲端技術的需求愈來愈大。有科技專業顧問公司看準時機,與美國知名雲端技術培訓平台Cloud Academy合作,為企業提供每名學員年費近7000元的培訓平台,最快3個月可考獲5張雲端技術證書。

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TOPick – 綫上雲端「速成班」IT盲3個月變高手

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[Press Release] ICG Announces International Expansion in Strategic Partnership with Cloud Academy

ICG Announces International Expansion in Strategic Partnership with Cloud Academy

Extends enterprise cloud training platform’s reach to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China

HONG KONG AND SAN FRANCISCO— MARCH 12, 2018 — ICG, the leading multi-cloud trusted adviser and Cloud Managed Services Provider in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China, has announced a strategic partnership with Cloud Academy, the leading enterprise cloud training platform. ICG will distribute Cloud Academy to enterprise customers embracing Cloud and Digital Transformation across APAC.

Digital living and work patterns have already integrated in to all facets of Hong Kong. With the drive of the Hong Kong Government and OGCIO, the development of Cloud and Digital Transformation, i.e. Cloud Platforms, Smart City, IoT, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning, play an important role in facilitating the digital economy.

“ICG’s core mission is to be the enterprise market’s Trusted Advisor and accelerating their Cloud and Digital Transformation Journey, Cloud Academy acts as the best and powerful tool to embrace our mission” said Andy Lau, Chairman and CEO of ICG. “We’re excited to be Cloud Academy’s APAC partner, where we’ve built strong relationships with well-known enterprises seeking to accelerate cloud adoption. We have travelled to the opposite end of the world two years ago and have finally found the partner we have been looking for.”

ICG will leverage Cloud Academy’s multi-cloud, enterprise platform to help its clients close the cloud skills gap and accelerate innovation through customized, measured, and on-demand training programs.

“Cloud Academy partners with industry leaders who share a common vision of helping organizations easily deploy cloud technology through targeted enablement and learning,” said Randy Streu, VP Global Partnerships & Alliances at Cloud Academy. “ICG shares our vision of rapid cloud transformation at scale and is the leader in an innovative region where cloud adoption is expected to grow exponentially. We are thrilled to be working with ICG.”

Public cloud vendors like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform ramp their investment in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region, which announced to open Hong Kong Region in 2018. The partnership covers all Cloud Academy products and materials in its training library.

About ICG
ICG is the multi-cloud Trusted Advisor and #1 AWS Next-Generation Managed Services Provider in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China. As a leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Next-Generation Managed Service Partner, ICG has extensive experience and expertise in AWS architecture, migration, deployment, optimization and management.

About Cloud Academy
Cloud Academy is the leading enterprise training platform that accelerates cloud teams and digital transformation. Companies trust Cloud Academy to deliver multimodal training on the leading clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform), on the essential methodologies needed to operate on and between clouds (DevOps, Security), and on the capabilities that are unlocked by the cloud (machine learning, IoT). From the fundamentals to advanced scenario training, Cloud Academy empowers organizations with the knowledge, critical thinking, and hands-on experience needed to adopt, operate, and optimize the multi-cloud.

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– Mr. Frank Siu – Assistant Marketing Manager. T: 39168990 / E: