Introduction to AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)


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Introduction to AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

Today, I will demo the basic operations over the amazing tool from AWS, named AWS CLI.

It eliminates the burdens of access to AWS console back and forth and still provide users functionality for manipulating over AWS services like the behavior what you might get used to before.





Python 2.6+ or Python 3.3+

Windows, Linux, maxOS or Unix



For macOS/Linux:

pip install awscli ( Optional: –upgrade –user )

For Windows:







After installation, do version checking:

Useful command:

–       aws help, print out help info to the console.

–       aws ls, list all available services aws cli provides.


Once installed successfully, configure accessKey & secretKey for making aws cli in recognition.

–       aws configure –profile ProfileName









( Optional –profile, if not set, the info you current input will be set as DEFAULT )

Region Name can be referenced:


Format can be either json or text

Once you are all set, next time, you can manipulate services directly via AWS CLI, instead of typing userName & passWD on web console next time.


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