Kibana – data visualization tool for Elasticsearch


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Kibana – data visualization tool for Elasticsearch

So far, I’ve introduced what ETL/ELT, categories of data formats, as well as why the roles play an important role in Data World.
In this post, I am gonna take you to walk through one of the most popular data visualization tools – Kibana – for presenting “data” after processing.

Kibana, as an alternative service for elasticsearch, is not because of its low latency for pulling data stored out of elasticsearch for data visualization, but also because of its role, as part of products under that makes it better integrates with elasticsearch.

Besides, in this post, no instructions on the self-installation of elasticsearch / kibana will be introduced. For further practices, aws does provides a service, elastic service, that makes better integration of Elasticsearch and Kibana.
For novices, it reduces burdens to build elasticsearch cluster in aws elastic service, instead of the that in ec2.


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