Data visualization for company strategy

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Data visualization for company strategy

In this blog, I am gonna introduce data visualization categories. This posting is as guideline to mentor front-end users(clients/customers) how to choose the appropriate graph for presentation/report.


For the result after ETL/ELT(refer to previous blog if in vague with the terms) data will be split into
columns. (akin to headers in Database tables) Values within each column can be treat as “variable.”
Hence, here comes the following useful terms for further usages in the post.
Terms –
Columns, headers in DB tables.
Variable, values in each column.
In real world visualization for statistic, we can assume four categories existed in data visualization.
a.) comparison, data visualization suitable for single/multiple variables in comparison and for serious
of time.
b.) relationship, relationship in two/three variables.
c.) composition, data visualization depicting changing over periods of time/static time period.
d.) distribution, graph used to describing single/two/three variables in distributions.

The following table lists notable charts in each.


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