ICG – Case Study – Travel Expert Group

Achieve Ultimate Security and HA with AWS Cloud

Business Challenges:

Travel Expert Group encountered a performance bottleneck due to increasingly database size. They need to host a search engine and data store with high availability and security. Therefore, a high network and I/O throughput cloud platform is required. Also, the service performance and stability have to be monitored continuously.

Services/ Solutions:

1.  Enable AWS GuardDuty to protect the infrastructure from malicious or unauthorized behavior
2.  Enable System Manager to maintain security and compliance of instances
3.  Deploy and manage the Docker containers using Amazon Elastic Container Service(ECS)


AWS: Docker container, EC2, ELB, VPC, CloudFront, EBS, RDS, Route 53, Cloudwatch, IAM, KMS, SNS, SQS


1.  Security and Application version are compatible with the service platform
2.  Quick docker deployment for new version search engine
3.  Enhance search engine performance

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