AWS Managed Services is not just a Cloud Infrastructure Support

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Going beyond Cloud Infrastructure Support

The dramatic cost savings that cloud computing can deliver is driving more companies to migrate their IT resources to the cloud, including turning to cloud consulting companies for managed services. IT leaders used to focus on maintaining servers and data centres, but outsourcing these resources to cloud platforms like AWS has freed their time and resources, allowing them to focus on enabling businesses to grow and thrive.

Managed cloud services refer to outsourcing daily IT management of cloud-based services and technical support to achieve automation and to enhance business operations. Cloud-optimized technical support automates repetitive IT services and handles issues or errors promptly upon occurrence.

Companies that are new to a Cloud environment or have no experience in operating Cloud often struggle because of the differences they found in managing Cloud and on-premise environments. As a Next -Gen Managed Service Provider (MSP), HKBNES is qualified with technical skills and business knowhow to deliver AWS Cloud services as business solutions to our customers.


Accelerate Cloud Adoption by Automation

HKBNES has been developing a software-based MSP practice. This practice has allowed us to expand internal tracking measures through automation. We use automation across our platform to reduce human errors and increase productivity. Some of the automated processes include automated event and issue management, automated billing alerts and performance management. HKBNES uses tools from an extensive cloud ecosystem with various vendors, such as CloudCheckr and Ansible, and Terrform, to helps customers take advantage of automation at each stage of their cloud journeys. We also provide professional services to help customers embrace a DevOps mentality and refactor their legacy applications for the cloud by taking an automate-everything approach.

Proactive Support  

To get the most out of AWS, you need to be a team of AWS experts. Services like system configuration, resource optimization, security and patch management, access control, automation, and disaster recovery are each a specialization of its own. These processes can be managed much more efficiently by AWS partners that are trained and certified in each discipline.

Ongoing business evolution support

The cloud thrives in a changing environment. Your business needs will always evolve and change, sometimes rapidly, requiring new resources and shifting workloads between different AWS products. Spinning up new resources, and taking down underused resources are key to making your cloud infrastructure efficient and cost-effective. Managed service providers that have been involved in hundreds of AWS environments will have a deeper understanding of how to turn your infrastructure to become more productive and efficient.

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