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Reflection: Microsoft Enablement for Data Platform

Going beyond Surface, But to apply

Overview of Microsoft Enablement 

The Microsoft Enablement for data platform aims to help us in applying the latest concept of Modern data warehouse to real cases. Having a close relationship with partners creates lot of learning opportunities. Thanks Mike Chan (Cloud Solution Architect – Data & AI) from Microsoft to share the real cases of applying the data platform, talents in ICG are more confident to build another successful case in ICG. Although it is just a short session, it is a valuable experience to start our journey in applying the modern data warehouse. With the increasing needs of data analytics, the data platform is extremely important to prepare companies on linking IT to business success.

Modern Data Warehouse

Beyond “talking on the surface”

The best thing to attend an enablement session is to go beyond talking on the surface. Without this session, we may face many challenges in choosing the right version of tools. For example, Data Lake Gen 2 will replace the current Data Lake. To make it simple, the Azure Data Factory helps the data movement and it has 3 connectors for on premise, SaaS Apps and multi-cloud. The data catalog inside can define and manage the metadata for the data. Then, the Data Lake is a storage part for the data ingested. Before this enablement, it is common to feel confusion on the difference between Databricks and the ML service in Azure. The major difference is that ML Service is a drag-and-drop framework for building simple model while Databricks is suitable for users with knowledge on data analytics. The knowledge acquired can help to provide better solutions to ICG’s client. Say a company has no knowledge on model building, it is possible and suitable to suggest them to adopt ML service rather than Databricks.

As a pre-sale in ICG, it is essential for me to go beyond the surface of the data platform, but to understand the suitability and underlying mechanism to adopt those tools. As a multi-trusted advisor, standing on client’s shoes to think and create values from choosing the right solutions to our clients is our way to be a consultant.

Actions Next

ICG and I are currently working with a case concerning the application of modern data warehouse. Having this enablement, it is a great opportunity to apply what I have learnt to real situation. I cannot wait to do so. Other than the applications, Mike Chan provided his suggestion on taking related exam on data platform and analytics. In order to be more competent, people in ICG would continue to achieve more certificates and provide the best consulting experience to our clients.

And everyone who read my reflection, please feel free to find me if you would like to know more on “modern data warehouse” and it applications.

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