Why DevOps is Critical to Today’s Business – Learning from HKBN #TTT Campaign

Why DevOps is Critical to Today’s Business
Learning from HKBN #TTT Campaign


DevOps is the union of people, process, and tools to enable continuous delivery of value to your business. DevOps is a cultural movement that changes individuals to think about their work, value the diversity of project scope, support intentional processes that accelerate the realization of business value, and measure the impact of social and technical changes. It is a way of thinking and a way of working that enables individuals and organizations to develop and maintain sustainable work practices. It is a cultural framework for sharing stories and developing empathy, enabling people and teams to practice their crafts in effective and lasting manner.


By applying DevOps tools, we can:

  1. Keep history of code changes, build artefacts and release
  2. Bring more frequent updates with automated build and release
  3. Automate testing to avoid failure by manual code deployment
  4. Improve testability from smaller, specific changes

So we can increase deployment frequency, shorten lead time for changes, lower change failure rate and speed up mean time to recover.















HKBN TTT Scenario:

Challenge: Develop ONE-MONTH Service Fee Waiver for All customers including Residential (1 million households) and Enterprise markets (110k businesses) with MyHKBN app in only less than 2 weeks.

Solution: Adopting DevOps and Cloud to minimize the resources and effort required in infrastructure deployment, scaling, application development, update and testing. And achieved 95%+ Successful Redemption Rate, zero downtime with 10 times higher Platform visitor traffic during peak hours.

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