Next-Gen Managed Services


We are a leading multi-cloud Trusted Advisor and Next-Generation Managed Services
Provider in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

HKBNES Cloud Service Team is a leading Certified AWS Next-Generation MSP in Hong Kong, Macau & China. We provide managed services meeting wide-range of compliance and standards (14 categories) including MSP Practices in term of solution capability, security, customer service availability, service desk operations, ticketing system, proactive monitoring and alerting, incident management etc. (approximately 80 requirements).

Cost and Expense Management

HKBNES’s advanced cloud management solution helps you make sense of every detail in your cloud ecosystem. Plan, automate, and optimize cloud spending you’re your business can grow with confidence.

Cost Allocation
  • Automated chargebacks
  • Advanced spend analysis
  • Custom dashboard views
Spend Optimization
  • Idle and unused resource alerts
  • Resource resizing recommendations
  • Reserved instance management and rebalancing
Invoicing and Billing
  • Pre-scheduled invoicing
  • Usage automation and grouping
  • Customizable bill re-rating and RI mapping
Cloud Management Platform

HKBNES provides a cloud management platform enabling enterprises and service providers to save money, reduce risk, and ensure governance at scale. Turn insights into action and optimize your entire cloud ecosystem.



  • Spend optimization
  • Rightsizing report & RI rebalancing
  • Cost allocation
  • Invoicing, billing, & chargebacks
  • Purchase recommendations
  • Log intelligence
  • Config & changes
  • Activity monitoring
  • User tracking & permissions
  • Perimeter assessment
  • Continuous compliance
  • Traffic analysis
  • Resource scheduling
  • RI rebalancing
  • Start/stop instances
  • Snapshots & backups
  • Enforce tagging policy
  • Clean up unused resources
  • Clean up security groups