WAF Solution

WAF Xpress
Protect Applications Hosted on AWS

Web-facing applications in a cloud-based environment can create greater exposure to attacks from web-based threats. In order to mitigate this, organizations must fortify their security posture with a solution that scales with their protected workloads. WAF Xpress layers on top of the secure AWS Cloud to provide this added protection, reducing the risk of targeted and automated attacks against applications.

Solution Key Features & Benefits

  • Blocks DDoS attacks and a wide variety of other security threats
  • Delivers superior data loss prevention
  • Automatically updates to provise new capabilities that block developing threats
  • Detailed audit logs provide clear visibility into user activity
  • Strong authentication and access control limits unauthorized users from accessing sensitive applications
  • Pre-built and custom security templates expedite deployment, reduce manual errors, increase productivity, and ensure policy compliance
  • Powerful graphical reporting provides immediate indight into threat activity, web traffic, and regulatory compliance